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An Alberta based aviation company providing technical Inspection Services to the Oil & Gas, Electric Utilities, Forestry and Agricultural Industries.

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Sensing & Surveillance At Your Fingertips.

With services primarily delivered from an aerial platform, ISS provides specialized Advanced Sensing Equipment, Technical Expertise and Graphic Information Services (GIS) for delivering reports and fault finding throughout Western Canada and the United States.
Many of the techniques utilized by ISS in the field of aerial inspection, have been pioneered by the partners of ISS and through an joint venture between ISS and Heli Source Ltd. Together we are able to provide one of the safest and cost effective aerial inspection delivery platforms in Canada. ISS has garnered a reputation very quickly as being one of the best aerial surveillance providers in the country.

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Bases Located Across North America. 

Having a fleet in your area ready for dispatch, or available for your daily inspections is key for any aerial inspection service. With locations across North America, and new bases opening regularly, the capabilities of our fleet from fixed wing to rotary are continuing to grow; offering you affordable and well suited solutions for your needs; regardless of your area code. 



Grande Prairie





Fort Nelson

Peace River

Red Deer


Fort McMurray

High Level

Fort St John



Rapid City

Cost Effective Solutions, Even In The Most Remote Locations.

Our philosophy is simple. We want to provide services and solutions to the problems that you may be having today and in the future, all while ensuring you receive the most cost effective and safe delivery of those services and solutions. 

Looking for leak detection on a pipeline? Hoping for hot spot mapping following a burn? Needing the advanced technology of LIDAR? Hoping for Aerial Inspections of a work site? 

We have the aerial crew and the proper aircraft that is suited to your direct need. 

Where Safety Is Always The First Priority.

The management team and crews of Integrated Sensing and Surveillance Inc have extensive aviation backgrounds, are committed to provide exceptional service and look after the Health & Safety of our Clients and Employees. We do our part to  protect the Environment, all while bringing creative and innovative ideas to the table in delivering solutions to your aviation surveillance and surveying needs.


Our crews are highly trained, qualified and experienced in navigating remote and difficult terrain. Their skills, attention to detail and accuracy, combined with a focus on safety and efficiencies, ensure that our services meet and exceed surveillance requirements.

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For more information about any of the above services please go to our contact page. 

COMING SOON  360 Video & Photography

From tourism to development projects, a 360 degree view of your assets and development can help you pre-sell your business and showcase your hard work from all angles! Looking for drone footage? We do that too! Contact us to learn more! 

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