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Along with our partner company, HeliSource Ltd , ISS Inc offers a full line of Sensing & Surveillance. From visual inspection to LIDAR and heat detection, the teams experience and attention to detail continue to exceed expectations. 

With our head office in Red Deer, Alberta at the Red Deer Regional Airport,  and bases across North America, the diverse and readily available fleet is prepared for even the most remote surveillance needs. 



Creating Custom Solutions.


Kyle Whittaker has been a part of ISS for over 10 years, and serves as part owner and Sales and Marketing Director.  He has a background as a helicopter pilot, and he now specializes in oil and gas pipeline inspection sales. For the last decade Kyle and his team at ISS have been working together to bring clients solutions for their survey and survelliance needs.

Kyle is the person who will price out your inspections and is typical the point of initial communication with ISS. He wants to hear from you, the client, what your needs are so those needs can be met and exceeded. 


Tyler has been with the ISS team for years, and handles all apects of the invoicing and operations side of the business. With years of experience in survelliance and survey technology and dispatch coordination, Tyler is always available to assist our exsisting clients in any last minute needs or large scale project logistics. 

Tyler is known for his attention to detail and exceptional customer relationship skills. He works directly with our pilot and survey teams, and coordinates all aspects of operations to ensure a smooth deliverable for our clients. 



Operations & Admin

Sales & Marketing Manager


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